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System requirement for RealTime Service


The following software requirements must be met to ensure the proper functioning of RealTime Service.

Server Components


Operating System

Microsoft Windows Server
Windows Server 2022 (RC4.2 SR2-)
Windows Server 2019 (FULL) (*Extended Support until Jan 9, 2029)
Windows Server 2016 (FULL) (*Extended Support until Jan 12, 2027)

Note: Operating system is only supported in English language


Microsoft SQL Server
SQL Server 2022
SQL Server 2019
SQL Server 2017 (*Extended Support until Oct 12, 2027)
SQL Server 2016 (*Extended Support until Jul 14, 2027)
SQL Server 2014 (*Extended Support until Jul 12, 2027)

Microsoft Exchange Server
Exchange Server 2019 (*Extended Support until Oct 14, 2025)
Exchange Server 2016 (*Extended Support until Oct 14, 2025)
Exchange Online Plan 1/2
Office 365 Editions

These are the Exchange Servers that Add-On Products has confirmed as supported, but other editions will often work as well. Don't hesitate to contact Add-On Products to clarify if your specific environment is supported.

Microsoft .NET Framework
.NET Framework version 4.8

Product support Lifecycle policy
Product support Lifecycle policy for RealTime Service can be found here

* Extended Support
Add-On Products offers Extended support to clients using certain “Out of Mainstream Support” Microsoft products with our software. This allows you to retain support access for your Add-On Products software while continuing to use older Microsoft products.

Whenever Add-On Products releases a new ‘major release’ (like version 7.0 > version 7.1 or version 7.1 > version 8.0), we will update our system requirements for the product to only contain Microsoft platform products versions, which are in Microsoft Mainstream support. See Microsoft Lifecycle Policy.

If you use a Microsoft product which has ended its mainstream support, you may still be able to be covered by our support – just purchase extended support for the Add-On Products product in question. Add-On Products Extended support will be available as long as Microsoft has the platform under extended support. For each platform check the expiration date listed under "Extended End Date" under Microsoft Lifecycle Policy. For more information, please contact your reseller or us directly by sending an email by clicking here.


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