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System requirement for Mailbox Central


The following software requirements should be met in order to allow Mailbox Central to work properly



Operation System
Windows 7 (Extended Support – see note *)
Windows 8.1 (Extended Support – see note *)
Windows 10

Microsoft Outlook 2010 (Extended Support – see note *)
Microsoft Outlook 2013 (Extended Support – see note *)
Microsoft Outlook 2016
Microsoft Outlook 2019
Microsoft Outlook 365

Microsoft Outlook must be connected to one of the following Exchange Server versions:
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 (Extended Support – see note *)
Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 (Extended Support – see note *)
Microsoft Exchange Server 2016
Microsoft Exchange Online (Office 365 plan with EWS Application support see Exchange Online Service Description)

Microsoft Word 2010 (Extended Support – see note *)
Microsoft Word 2013 (Extended Support – see note *)
Microsoft Word 2016
Microsoft Word 2019
Microsoft Word 365

.NET Framework 4.6
Microsoft Internet Information Server (see note)

Note: If signatures deployed to OWA (Outlook Web App) have images, it is required to have access to an Microsoft Internet Information Server.

Product support Lifecycle policy
Product support Lifecycle policy for Mailbox Central  can be found here

* Extended Support
Add-On Products offers Extended support to clients using certain “Out of Mainstream Support” Microsoft products with our software. This allows you to retain support access for your Add-On Products software while continuing to use older Microsoft products.

Whenever Add-On Products releases a new ‘major release’ (like version 7.0 > version 7.1 or version 7.1 > version 8.0), we will update B1our system requirements for the product to only contain Microsoft platform products versions, which are in Microsoft Mainstream support. See Microsoft Lifecycle Policy.

If you use a Microsoft product which has ended its mainstream support, you may still be able to be covered by our support – just purchase extended support for the Add-On Products product in question. For more information, please contact your reseller or us directly by sending an email by clicking here.


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