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Signs display old meetings, but shows as online in sign status


This article applies to any version of Ariadne with hosting.


Signs display old meeting information from previous day, or simply does not update when meetings are changed.
Furthermore the signs in question
register as online in Ariadne signs status page.


All meeting information displayed is embedded in pictures, which the signs download from our hosting server. In order to achieve smooth transitions on the signs when information is updated, we strive to reuse media names and simply overwrite existing pictures with new ones containing updated information.

If the sign is located within a network where internet connectivity is achieved through a proxy containing a web cache, then this cache will continue to deliver cached material even when the server on the internet has updated the material.


Depending on the proxy types it is possible to implement an exception for a specific site, which will stop caching of media from this site.

If company policies or software functionality prevents the above solution, then the only situation may be to implement a seperate internet connection purely for the signs.

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