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What’s new in Insights of Resource Central v1.0.2.19

The following will provide a short introduction to some of the new functionalities in Insights of Resource Central v1.0.2.19. More information can be found in the different user guides for Insights.

Add Terms of Service page

A new page is added which describes all the terms of service of Insights for Resource Central. It will also replace the ‘Main’ page from previous versions.

You can check on the app’s Terms of Service page for more details.

Display reservation’s time based on the resource’s time zones

All time indications (e.g., start time, end time, delivery time, etc…) of a reservation will now be based on the time zone of its respective resource:

This will help you determine the precise time of all reservations based on the locations where those reservations actually take place. Thus, you can manage the meetings and arrange orders & services on time for those reservations.

NOTE: In case the value of the RC parameter Use Default Time Zone is ‘Yes, the time indications of reservations will follow the time zone of the system instead of the time zone of the resources.

Install app via Microsoft AppSource

Aside from installing the app via provided link, you can also install Insights for Resource Central on Microsoft AppSource.

For more details on this installation method, please refer to Insights App Installation Guide.

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