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Accessing and Using the Qbic Remote Configuration Center


The Qbic Remote Configuration Center (RCC) enables users to perform installations, upgrades, and various other configurations remotely. The RCC is available as a public web page and can scan local networks for devices within the same subnet. Additionally, Qbic provides a standalone application for download. However, recent updates to Chrome and Edge browser policies may impact the functionality of the RCC. This article presents several methods to access and use the RCC despite these changes.

Accessing the RCC:

Visit the Qbic Remote Configuration Center's public web page:

If the web page does not load properly or experiences issues, consider the following solutions:

Recommended Solutions:

Use another Web Browser:

Chrome and Edge version v94 or later have updated policies that can block the RCC. However, the RCC is still compatible with the latest version of Firefox (v90.0.1). To use the RCC, download and install Firefox if you haven't already, and access the RCC web page through Firefox.

Install the RCC Browser:

Qbic has developed a local version of the RCC that can be installed on Windows PCs. This RCC browser operates without limitations related to browser versions. Download the RCC browser installer from the following website:

Disable "Block Insecure private network requests:

Although the RCC does not collect information or access private IP addresses without user permission, disabling this option may pose potential security risks. It is recommended to add a firewall to protect your network from any potential threats if you decide to disable this option. To disable "Block Insecure private network requests," follow these steps:

  • Enter "chrome://flags/#block-insecure-private-network-requests" in the URL bar.
  • Select the "Disabled" option for "Block Insecure private network requests."
  • Click the "Relaunch" button to restart the Chrome browser. The RCC should function properly once the configuration is complete.

Remember to use a firewall or other security measures to safeguard your network when disabling this option, as it could leave your system vulnerable to unauthorized access or malicious activities.

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