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What's new in Insights of Resource Central v1.0.1.12

The following will provide a short introduction to some of the new functionalities in Insights v1.0.1.12 of Resource Central. More information can be found in the different user guides for Insights.

Update to Insights interface

The entire interface of Insights is now updated. E.g.:

Changes to Utilization page (formerly known as Statistics)

In this version, the formerly named ‘Statistics’ page is now changed to Utilization and have a number of new changes.

Resource Group filter update (formerly known as Resource Type)

The Resource Type filter is now resized and changed its name to ‘Resource Group’, e.g.:

The filter function still remains the same as before.

Adding new filter – Resource Name

A new filter called Resource Name is added next to the Resource Group filter mentioned above, e.g.:

It lets you filter the data based on the resource(s) that you have selected.

Adding Utilization calculation

A new Utilization calculation is added under Resource opening hours.
It calculates all resources’ total utilization percentage based on the Duration hours and Resource opening hours above.

Resource Utility chart update

Previously, the Resource Utility chart used Matrix visual type. In this version, the chart is now changed to Table visual type to ensure precise data value. E.g.:

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