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How to apply license of Workspace


Add-On Products provides the license files to its clients, which must be uploaded into the system in order to use RC. The License screen (Digital Sign Service page → SystemLicense) is used for this purpose.

License information

On clicking the License link in left pane, details of the license being used for the application will be displayed on the right panel as shown in figure below:



This product is licensed to

Name of the company

License Number

ID of the license


Type of the license

Expiry date

Expiry date of the license

Exchange Connector Resources

Maximum number of Exchange Connector resources allowed in the system

Digital Sign

Maximum number of Digital Signs allowed in the system

Pooled Resources

Maximum number of Pooled resources allowed in the system

Reservation Directory

Maximum number of reservation directories allowed in the system

Reservation Kiosk

Maximum number of reservation kiosks allowed in the system

License Upload

User can upload the License file through this interface.



License file

Click the browse button and select the name and path of the License file which you have received

Assumptions/Constraints regarding the License upload:

  • If the user has not uploaded the new license file, a message will be displayed, as shown below:

Note: If any issues arise, please contact AOP Support for assistance.


Applies toWorkspace app

Reference: TFS # 316694

Knowledge base ID: 0310

Last updated: Aug 8, 2022

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