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Workspace, Digital Sign Client and DS Service - Limitations and known issues

Limitations when doing Resource Central integrations

  • Virtual resources (not bookable from the workspace app)
  • Not possible to “not add reservations to own calendar”

Status: We are researching a potential solution. Any updates will be posted here as they come.
Reference: #286607

Existing Digital Sign Client settings will be lost after doing Resource Central integration

  • When integrating with Resource Central, all existing settings for Resources will be lost and will need to be reconfigured. This includes settings such as "Confirmation" and "License".

Status: N/A
Reference: #287656

Show As value will be reset to busy in Organizer's calendar when updating a reservation

  • Using the functionality built into the configuration of the Resource Type to set up a default "Show as" value when creating a new reservation from either the Workspace Booking app or the Digital Sign Client, will be reset to "Busy" when the user subsequently updates the reservation from either the Workspace Booking app or by using the End or Extend function from the Digital Sign Client.

Status: This will be fixed in Version 4.3, Service Release 2.
Reference: #292590


Applies to: DS 4.3

Last updated: June 15, 2023

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