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What's new in DS Service, Digital Sign Client and Workspace version 4.3

The following provides a short introduction to some of the new functionalities in Workspace and Digital Sign Service. More information can be found in the different user guides for Workspace and Digital Sign Service on our website.


From this version a Workspace License added to a Resource will also give the right to show the same Resources on a Digital Sign Client running Reservation directory. (Formerly known as Meeting Directory)

Pooled resources license will be available when having integration to Resource Central. This new license type covers a group of resources. A pool of Desks, a pool of Parking spots or something else, one Pooled resource can cover several resources (free seating), the capacity will be used as the number of concurrent reservations.

When doing the integration between Resource Central and Workspace / Digital Sign Client it will be required that the resources that will be available in DS Service must also be available Resource Central. All resources from Resource Central will be synchronized into the DS Service and it will be possible to assign licenses in DS Service, and hence making it possible to have fewer Workspace / Digital Sign Client resources than you have in Resource Central. (But not the other way around)

Azure App Permissions

We have over all made the Workspace and Digital Sign Client more secure, this work has changed the requirements for the Azure App, System is now divided into different functionality where each function uses own Azure App. Going forward, we will need the following Azure App

Backend server

Integration to Resource Central

From version 4.3 of Workspace and Digital Sign Service, and Resource Central ver. 4.2.0009, it will now be possible to reuse the configuration of resources.

If you are the owner of both Resource Central and Workspace/Digital Sign Service, then you can setup the link between the two systems. Go to SYSTEM, Connections

After setting up the connection between the two systems, a synchronization must be executed. This first-time synchronization will make sure that data from Resource Central will be used in the Workspace / Digital Sign Service.

The following data will be used from Resource Central:

  • Resources
  • Location tree
  • Floorplans
  • Categories
  • Resource Types

After doing this connection then the maintenance of resources must be done from within the Resource Central backend. It will still be possible to view it and do some small updates on extra data that is needed for Workspace/Digital Sign Service.

Workspace app

Buffer time, Permission and Delegate

When using the integration between Resource Central and Workspace/DS Service it will then be possible to respect the buffer time, permission, and delegate functionality as setup in Resource Central/Exchange environment.

Digital Sign Client

Workspace Device

Managing hot desks, hoteling, and other flexible workspace arrangements does not have to be a struggle. Our desk booking screens improve efficiency by enabling you to determine workspace occupancy status. Mount them to desks for enhanced visibility and ease of use.

From the new Workspace device, you can:

  • View current and/or upcoming reservations
  • Create, confirm, and end bookings on the screen
  • See availability with color coding
  • Enhance security with RFID/Pin-code access
  • Tap to start or end reservations
  • Customize templates to match company branding

See more on Desk Booking Screen , Get a free Brochure, Datasheet

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