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Revision history for WebTeam Central

Lifecycle for product support

Product support Lifecycle policy for WebTeam Central can be found here

Concerning supported platforms

Overall we follow the Microsoft Support Lifecycle (Mainstream Support End Date).This means that, over time, platforms fall out of support. When a Microsoft platform product (Exchange, Outlook, etc.) ends its mainstream support, we list this on the product revision history further down.

If you, as a customer, uses a Microsoft platform product, which has ended its mainstream support, it may still be possible to purchase extended support for the Add-On Products product in question. Should you be interested in such then please contact your reseller or us directly by sending an email by clicking here.

Version (September 24, 2020)

Compliant with RealTime Service version, and

  • Support for Modern authentication and Single Sign On (not only Basic)
    New 203804, 239284, 239285, 241826
  • Upgrade .Net Version to 4.7.2
    New 204016
  • New product logo
    New 239283
  • Remove support for 32 bit installation
    New 240877
  • Customization
    New 248477, 151020, 155336, 155413, 203739
  • In some cases a server error was show in the user interface
    Fixed 204449
  • Small bug fixes and Enhancements.
    Fixed 240503, 152163, 154008

Version (February 7, 2017)

Compliant with RealTime Service version,,,,,,,, 6.4.35, 6.4.41, 6.6.12,,,,,,,, and

  • Support for the "Working Elsewhere" status
    New 81044, 90922, 99575, 90946, 98120
  • Support for browser Microsoft Edge
    New 81500
  • Fixed performance for large customer 800+ calendars
    Fixed 104693
  • Gray color missing in Work Week and Front Desk view for non-working hours
    Fixed 36725
  • Sorting a group does not change sorting in the View
    Fixed 52237
  • German translation issue
    Fixed 52246
  • Incorrect display of week number
    Fixed 71211, 81043, 98125, 98130, 98135, 98144, 99585, 99588
  • Incorrect error message when validating field "Display Name"
    Fixed 71299
  • Logging into WebTeam Central takes several minutes
    Fixed 81028, 84427
  • Sort of status type is not same in Outlook
    Fixed 90931
  • List view didn't display Working Else appointment
    Fixed 91029
  • Timeline - Vertical line is wrong when Zoom = Quarter
    Fixed 91203
  • Work Week view missing vertical line
    Fixed 91204
  • Cannot save filter on IE11
    Fixed 98117
  • Update Help documentation, User- and Administrator guides
    Fixed 98447
  • Various small issues have been fixed
    Fixed 8156, 90970, 91135, 98104, 99723, 104803, 105297

Version (June 28, 2016)

Compliant with RealTime Service version,,,, and

  • Calendar in Timeline View has been adjusted for small user interface issues
    Fixed 77566
  • Calendar in Week View has been adjusted for small user interface issues
    Fixed 78727
  • Permission issue when creating new appointments, not able to solve default permissions
    Fixed 78832

Version (May 31, 2016)

Compliant with RealTime Service version,,,, and

  • Customer change request
    Fixed 76309

Version (April 15, 2016)

Compliant with RealTime Service version,,,, and

  • Support for SQL 2016
    New 69213
  • Force user to login before viewing appointments
    New 69150
  • Error when sending Send Phone Message
    Fixed 69197
  • Fixed 18940, 20801, 33676, 35913, 69534, 69543, 70485, 70487, 70522, 71230, 71247 Rollup of various bug fixes
  • Administrator Guide revision 5.8
    Updated 69149

Version (March 14, 2016)

Compliant with RealTime Service version,,, and

  • Customer change request
    New 42312, 48403, 48404
  • Include robot's exclusion protocol (robots.txt) in website to block search engines
    New 61658
  • Wrong translate in German language
    Fixed 48402
  • Some text was lost in Phone message with German language
    Fixed 66106

Version (September 15, 2015)

Compliant with RealTime Service version, and

  • Changes in installer and installation folder
    Fixed 39867, 39783
  • Small adjustment in the user interface and used fontsize
    Fixed 41015, 42283, 42294, 42316, 42317, 42322, 42597
  • Login to Exchange Online has been improved
    Fixed 41017
  • Error when installing on Windows Server 2012
    Fixed 40733
  • Adjustment for the French and Swedish language
    Fixed 42289, 42332, 42598
  • Format date is broken in Go To screen
    Fixed 42302

Version (August 3, 2015)

Compliant with RealTime Service version and

  • Support for Internet Explorer ver. 9, 10 and 11 in normal mode
    New 7206, 9787
  • Possible to turn on/off for different Views
    New 7207, 7973
  • Creating meeting request
    New 7226
  • Support for SQL Server 2014
    New 7348
  • Support for Exchange Online (Office 365)
    New 11123
  • Support for Chrome version 43 and Firefox version 39
    New 11462
  • Support Windows server 2012
    New 11551
  • Upgrade .NET framework to 4.5.1
    New 12117
  • Migrate the installer project from using Install Shield 2009 to Install Shield 2014
    New 15043
  • WebTeam Central need to read from RealTime Service again to display appointment
    New 19911
  • Change WebTeam Central to use RealTime Service API
    New 27675
  • Changes in navigation pane
    New 28608
  • User interface upgraded
    New 28978
  • Appointment object style must be changed so it will match Outlook 2013 style
    New 28984
  • Front Desk View, user selector must have new color style
    New 28987
  • Change font in all user interface
    New 34973
  • Background image in top head must be a solid color
    New 34979
  • Change busy color image width in Day, Workweek, Week and Front Desk View
    New 35332
  • New default value when creating a new filter.
    New 36937
  • Workweek View - Title columns of grid is printed wrong when user prints by landscape mode
    Fixed 7231
  • Week view display wrong when Hours display = Office hours only
    Fixed 16397
  • No focus on first field in any dialog
    Fixed 16825
  • Front Desk View, highlight selected user
    Fixed 16826
  • Open an Private Appointment
    Fixed 19541
  • Open an Recurring Appointment
    Fixed 19542
  • Some appointments cannot be opened
    Fixed 19544
  • Improvement: Buttons on appointment should be disabled when user open without login
    Fixed 20530
  • The copyright shows incorrectly when choosing another language except English
    Fixed 20794
  • Change the support link
    Fixed 27833
  • Need to translate some texts into different languages
    Fixed 28307
  • Lack of title Address book screen in French language
    Fixed 28355
  • French language: Cannot display the full text of Calendar Name in List View
    Fixed 28408
  • Lack of tooltip of some icons in Filter panel
    Fixed 28441
  • Tooltip of Print icon in Print form is not translated
    Fixed 28932
  • Search/Filter toolbar - changes
    Fixed 28982
  • Translate language works incorrectly
    Fixed 30451
  • Create new filter and Delete filter are always disable
    Fixed 33532
  • Private/Recurring icons of all-day event appointment are wrong position
    Fixed 33616
  • Admin Option - User cannot move to other page from Appearance page
    Fixed 34899
  • Translate Close button in user setting into different languages
    Fixed 34941
  • not able to save working hours in Options, General if system setup to use AM/PM
    Fixed 34966
  • Searching in Address book, search command need to be default
    Fixed 34967
  • All dialogs must have focus on one field, when opening a dialog
    Fixed 34969
  • Cannot change the value of Time Style in user setting
    Fixed 36820
  • Misspelling in help
    Fixed 36942

Version (March 20, 2014)

Compliant with RealTime Service version,,,,,,,,, and

  • Appointment that is both recurring and private did not look correct in different views,
    Fixed 5732
  • Some appointments passing midnight was wrongly shown in all-day area in different views
    Fixed 5738
  • Issue when navigate to other days in work week view has been corrected
    Fixed 5944
  • Optimized way to search for groups inside “Options”, “Group Options”
    Fixed 3575
  • Issue printing appointment has been fixed.
    Fixed 3578
  • Print function: Added scrollbars for preview screen
    Fixed 4715
  • Work Week View has been optimized.
    Fixed 2375; 6179
  • Hour display was not synchronized between Day view; Work week view and Front Desk
    Fixed 3576
  • General performance optimization when querying appointments for different views.
    Fixed 3450

Version (October 18, 2013)

Compliant with RealTime Service version, and

  • Double click inside the calendar view will open New Appointments on selected date and time
  • Implemented the default zoom in time line view.
  • Implemented the new sorting ability for each of the group in WebTeam Central for each of the logged in user.
  • Changed a text in the [Domain Name] options in the administrator page and in the setup screen accordingly to match the implementation in current WebTeam Central when logging user in.
  • Printing issue
  • Logon issue
  • Creating appointments was treated as meeting request when using Exchange Server 2010

Version (April 26, 2012)

Compliant with RealTime Service version, and

  • Some language is not correct
  • WebTeam Central is not showing all members of a group 

Version (April 12, 2011)

  • Support for Exchange 2010
  • List view: Sorting and Separator line
  • Appointment type colors not same as Outlook
  • Filters are greyed out if you are not logged into WebTeam Central
  • Check mark the distribution list under Folder
  • Issue with deleting appointments
  • Sorting groups alphabetic
  • Moving authentication setting from Web.config to Guy 

Version (February 10, 2010)

  • List view: possibility to show the accounts phone numbers
  • Support for Windows Authentication
  • User name needs to be empty
  • All day appointment needs to be displayed as 00:00 - 00:00
  • printing issue
  • Error in Permissions 

Version (July 8, 2009)

  • Initial release
  • New user interface
  • New FrontDesk view
  • New Filter and Search functionality
  • New Color Category functionality
  • All views has been redesigned
  • Improved print out functionality 

Version 4.01.0879.0002 (April 3, 2009)

  • WebTeam Central database has been changed
  • Date format issue on New Appointment window 

Version 4.01.0831.0001 (September 23, 2008)

  • SQL database create scripts has been changed in order to support _BIN and _CS collations on server
  • Issue with missed scrollbar in personal group window
  • Wrong filters interpretation inside WebTeam Central site
  • TimeLine view representation on WebTeam Central site
  • Default group save functionality on WebTeam Central settings tab

Version 4.01.0584.0001; 4.01.0604.0002; 4.01.0648.0001; 4.01.0665.0001

  • Fixed, Wrong behavior of MyCalendar Feature 

Version 4.01.0549.0001 (August 16, 2007)

  • Fixed issue with adding user from Address Book
  • Improved performance for select all/ deselect all

Version 4.01.0539.0001 (June 2, 2007)

  • New, "Check All"/"clear All" buttons has been added on WebTeam Central select groups to display page

Version 4.01.0507.0002 (May 15, 2007)

  • Fixed, "Alias"/"Display name" switch functionality has been fixed

Version 4.01.0418.0001 (January 8, 2007)

  • New, Displaying behavior for category colors has been changed.
  • New tab "Category Colors" has been added on admin page

Version 4.01.0317.0002

  • Fixed, Wrong category colors for non-English locales has been fixed
  • Fixed, Issue with "No Default group" message after creating user groups has been fixed.
  • Fixed, Date shifting issue in different time zones has been fixed
  • Fixed, Authentication mechanism has been changed
  • Improved, WebTeam Central command processing has been improved
  • New, Product version number has been changed to 4.1. The build number remains the same.
  • New, WebTeam Central application user interface has been changed in order to support multi - domain/exchange monitoring. Field named "Domain" has been added to the recipient fields list. Check box named "Add Domain name prefix" has been added to the Admin page, Groups Tab.
  • New, Installer images has been updated, documentation has been reviewed.
  • Improved, Sorting of search result has been improved
  • Improved, Group list sorting has been improved
  • Improved, The "Check All" and "Uncheck All" buttons has been added to the WebTeam Central start page for the groups selection list

Version 4.00.0206.0003

  • Personal OWA Calendar name field has been added to WebTeam Central user interface.

 Version 4.00.0129.0001 (November 22, 2005)

  • Tooltips have been added to "Find now" and "Clear" buttons
  • Default group dropdown list alphabetically sorting added
  • Sorting by first column of WebTeam Central calendar data grid has been added
  • Searching by subject fixed
  • Incorrect setup of time of the beginning and the end for appointment has been fixed
  • Incorrect All-day appointments displaying in WebTeam Central has been fixed
  • Incorrect behavior of the "Limit Visible group to" feature has been fixed
  • SQL Connection testing on admin page fixed
  • SQL Server credentials encryption fixed
  • Printing support fixed
  • "Office Hours" processing fixed
  • "All Day" events representation fixed
  • "Category Icon" and "Category Color" modes fixed
  • Zero length appointments processing fixed
  • Large appointments processing has been improved
  • Grid shows users in alphabetical order
  • All day appointment edition corrected
  • ACL handling fixed
  • Default group using procedure fixed
  • Procedure of appointments deletion fixed
  • Admin page settings processing improved
  • Invalid license error message has been changed, details have been added
  • Database connection error message has been changed

Version 4.00.0000.0000 (September 1, 2005)

  • Initial Release
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