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What's new in Digital Sign Service and Workspace Booking version 4.1 hotfix 2

The following provides a short introduction to some of the new functionalities in Workspace and Digital Sign Service. More information can be found in the different user guides for Workspace and Digital Sign Service on our web.


Workspace now support Office-365 sign-in and multi-factor authentication.

User interface has been updated, the location will now be shown together with the Resource’s name, like this:

Workspace Booking version 4.1.5001.2 is available on Google Play and Apple App Store

Please see revision history for more information


The communication layer, between Digital Sign Client (Door Sign and Meeting Directory) and Digital Sign Server, is rewritten to gain a better stability and a lower data transfer. (The redesign has reduced the data transfer with more than 60% and has, overall, resulted in a far better performance on the server side.)

To gain these optimizations, it is required to upgrade both the Digital Sign Server and the Digital Sign Client(‘s). For your convenience, both server and client will be backwards compatible with each other - so there is no requirement to force the upgrade. But we do recommend updating both parts - to ensure the best stability and performance.

Digital Sign Client version 4.1.6011.0 is available on Google Play, Apple App Store and Microsoft Store


Please see revision history for more information


In order to help organizations during the COVID-19 situation we have added 2 new reports;

  • One for tracing personnel who has been in proximity of a employees who has COVID-19 symptoms.
  • One for the helping the cleaning providers to know when desks / resources will be ready to be sanitized.

COVID-19 – Tracking

The report lists all the reservation for a given person, together with all other reservations / organizers / users in the same location, all on the same date. This enables you to, easily, view - who has been in the same area as the given person. After running the report, it will be possible to compose a mail to all organizers / users listed within the report.


This report is intended to provide a better overview for the cleaning personal. It lists all reservations of resources like Meeting Rooms, Hot-desks and company cars. The report is sorted by end-time and grouped by location for easy planning by the cleaning providers.

Both reports can be found in the backend of Digital Sign Service, under the REPORTS section.

The total list of improvements and bugs fixing can be viewed on Revision History.

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