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Credentials dialogue still shows up after having external authentication enabled


After enabling Single Sign-On for ResourceFinder, you open ResourceFinder and find the following dialogue asking for credentials:


By default, the browser automatically calculates the correct zone, either Internet or Intranet, from a specific URL. It will not send credentials to a cloud endpoint, like the Azure AD URL (, unless you explicitly add the URL to the browser's Intranet zone.

In this case, Azure AD URL has not been added to the browser's Intranet zone, leading to the display of the dialogue asking for credentials.


Follow these steps to add Azure AD URL to the browser's Intranet zone:

- Open Control Panel and select Internet Options

- In Internet Properties window, select tab Security > Sites

- In Local Intranet window, select Advanced

- Add the Azure AD URL ( to Intranet zone:

- Click [Close] to finish.


Applies to: RC 4.1

Reference: TFS #236839, #236787

Knowledge base ID: 0289

Last updated: June 06, 2020

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