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What’s new in Resource Central 4.1 Service release 4

The following will provide a short introduction to some of the new functionalities in Resource Central.

More information can be found in the different user guides for Resource Central.

Outlook Add-in for Outlook on the Web (Office 365)

It is now possible to find and book resources for your meetings using the ResourceFinder and My Meetings Outlook Add-in in Outlook on the web. This feature is only available in Office 365.

The functionality is like the ResourceFinder Outlook Add-in used on desktop clients. So, your users should easily adapt to using Resource Finder in Outlook on the Web.  

The Add-in can be pinned to the toolbar of the meeting, so it is easy to find for end users. If not pinned it can be found under “…”

My Meetings App for Teams (Desktop)

If your employees are working in teams and need to make orders for these team meetings, try using the new My 

Meetings App for Teams.

In this application it is possible to see not only your own meetings, but also the meetings belonging to your different Teams.

So, if the fellow team member responsible for catering is ill before an important customer meeting, there is no need to worry. Just enter My Meetings and see what was ordered for that meeting.

My Meetings in Teams should be combined with the Assistant Organizer feature to ensure responsibility of the ordering and any communication with the service providers. For further information on the feature see our different Resource Central guides.

Support for SQL 2019

SQL 2019 is now supported in Resource Central

Visitor badge – more properties available

It is now possible to select more properties when designing your visitor labels. You can now also add:

  • Resource name
  • Meeting subject
  • Organizer
  • Assistant organizer
  • The 5 custom fields

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