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Impact of impersonation rights on some Resource Central features


In general organization-wide impersonation rights are required for Resource Central to run with all features. Without these rights, RealTime Service cannot have proper access to resource and user calendar information on the Exchange Server.

The minimum requirement for Resource Central is to have impersonation rights for the resource and service account calendars.

However, the following features will malfunction if impersonation rights are not set on user calendars:

Booking manager
Cannot make any changes to meetings
From 4.2 Service release 1 it will be possible to decline resource bookings without impersonation rights
Cannot change resource in orders
Error handling function
Cannot handling “synchronize flow error”
Resource Booking Web App Cannot be used at all
Appointments with orders of extra service in service provider calendar Cannot be used at all
History Amount of available meeting data will be limited. See Resource Central admin guide for more information on the limitations.
Alternative Resources Substituting a conflicting resource on a series' occurrence require impersonation rights for this feature to work


Applies toAll versions of RC

Reference: TFS #189992

Knowledge base ID: 0250

Last updated: Nov 02, 2022

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