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Restricting incoming https (443) for SaaS clients

As a part of our offering to our SaaS clients, we include specifying 3-5 IP addresses / ranges in our standard SLA. Should the need be larger, then we will also accept this, as a part of our standard SLA, if our client provides a list of the needed IP addresses in the following format;


The X/XX specifies a range of IP addresses.

It is our client’s sole responsibility to ensure the format and validation of all IP addresses. Add-On Products (AOP) cannot be held responsible for errors.

The restriction is covering incoming port https (443).

Should the list contain errors then AOP will simply reject the list and ask our client to validate the list at earliest convenience.

The list should be submitted to:

Any new list (without errors) will be implemented within 24 hours.

Should we encounter multiple support cases directly related to clients wrongly restricting valid IP addresses then these support incidents will not be included in our standard SLA. As such these cases / incidents will be charged at our hourly rate (professional services) for the time used to solve the case / incident.

If our client is not able to provide a list in the above format, then we will be happy to accept any readable list. We will then process the list manually and as such charge our client for the time used at our hourly rate for professional services.

We will estimate the implementation time based on case by case.

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