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Outlook app cancels room booking when updating meeting booked via ResourceFinder


When you book a room through ResourceFinder and want to update this meeting from your Outlook mobile app (adding attendants), it will send a cancellation to the room as soon as you update the meeting, even though the location field is not touched.

If you book a room through the Outlook calendar on your computer without using ResourceFinder and then add attendees from your mobile app, the issue is not encountered.


When we book a room via ResourceFinder then RC added Location path into Location area in Outlook (e.g. "room01(Locations\Copenhagen"), Outlook mobile app does not understand a location with location path. As a result, the room will be removed if we make any change via Outlook mobile app.


To resolve this issue, 2 things need to be done:

1. Set the parameter Addin.TrimLocation = 1 to avoid adding location path when booking rooms.

2. Name of the resource in RC must be similar to Name of Mailbox in Exchange Server.


Applies toRC 4.1+

Reference: TFS #215096

Knowledge base ID: 0274

Last updated: Dec 17, 2019

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