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How to configure SMS sending using Computopic account



In order to help you configure SMS sending in Resource Central backend → System → SMS Configuration, configuration details of each vendor is described below.

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Computopic SMS

How to install Computopic SMS into Resource Central

Follow these steps to install SMS into Resource Central:

  1. Open and package and extract the zip file ‘ResourceCentral.SMS.Computopic’.
  2. Create a folder named ‘SMSAdapters’ in Resource Central root folder (by default, it is C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\ResourceCentral).
  3. Copy and paste the folder extracted in Step 1 to the folder ‘SMSAdapters’.
  4. Restart RC Application Pool.

After this, the Computopic SMS will be available in the list of ‘Provider name’ in Resource Central backend → System → SMS Configuration.

How to configure Computopic SMS in Resource Central backend

Configuration field



To handle messages through Computopic’s SMS gateway, the following URL is used:

User name

User name of the account used for the API


Password of the account used for the API

Sender alias

The sender-ID displayed on the phone as sender. The sender-ID displayed on the phone as sender.

Short code

The sender-ID displayed on surcharged messages, e.g. 1919, is mandatory when surcharging.


ID for what type of content is being sent. The possible categories are:
1 – Traditional mobile content
2 – Video
3 – Erotic and other adult content
4 – Music
5 – Audio
6 – Games
7 – Chat & Dating
8 – Competitions, votings & polls
9 – mCommerce
10 – News & information
11 – Charity and donations
12 – B2B
13 – Other

Category description

Short description of the type of content. Up to 50 characters


Character encoding standard. It might be ANSI, UTF-8, Unicode, etc.



Applies to: RC 4.1+

Reference: TFS #184661

Knowledge base ID: 0244

Last updated: Jan 02, 2019

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