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Product Roadmap for Ariadne

Ariadne System improves internal and external communication by keeping staff and visitors informed with a current overview of the day’s events, meetings, and other activities.

The roadmap provides an overview of major features in future releases. It’s intended as long-term guidance and not as a guarantee of future releases as our development priorities change based on customer feedback. The roadmap is therefore updated at a regular basis.

We value our customer wishes, if you have a request for a feature, please let us know.

This page was last modified on November 4 2021

Planned features for Ariadne System (Estimated release Q2 2021)

  • Maintenance update
  • Ariadne System will be renamed Ariadne, including new logo

See revision history for latest release


Planned features for Ariadne frontend for Windows based sign

  • No plans at the moment

See revision history for latest release


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