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Overview section loses its scroll bar



Click on the Overview section in Resource Central backend, and you may see that the list of resources is not fully displayed and you cannot scroll down to see the full list:


Follow these steps to fix this issue:

  • Go to Resource Central server
  • Go to Admin folder inside the ResourceCentral folder (by default it is located at C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ResourceCentral\Admin)
  • Look for the file Overview.aspx, save it somewhere else for backup
  • Right click on the file Overview.aspx, select Edit (or open it with Notepad)
  • Search for the CSS section "scrollcontainer" and remove the line "overflow: hidden;"

  • Save the file to finish.

Now you can refresh the browser to see the scroll bar.


This has been confirmed as a defect and will be reviewed for a future release of the Resource Central.



Applies to: All RC 3.8 revisions

Reference: TFS #64586

Knowledge base ID: 0186

Last updated: Feb 26, 2016

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