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Availability of appointments with “Working elsewhere” status cannot be retrieved



Information about availability of attendees in appointments with “working elsewhere” status cannot be retrieved and returned with blank status value.

This is how the appointment with “working elsewhere” status is shown in Outlook:

And this is how attendee status of this appointment is shown in ResourceFinder:

If this function works properly, the attendee should have the status highlighted in the following figure:


RC uses "GetUserAvailability" function of RTS to get free/busy data of users in Exchange.

But there is a limit in Exchange Web Service: it does not support getting availability data of “Working Elsewhere” status in Exchange Online. Therefore, when RTS sends a request to EWS, it cannot retrieve availability of meetings/appointments with "Working Elsewhere" status.



This has been confirmed as a defect and will be fixed later with the improved managed API provided by Microsoft.



Applies to: RC 3.7.10 or newer versions, Exchange Online and Exchange 2013

Fixed in: RC 3.8 SR1 RC3 and RTS

Reference: TFS #11410

Knowledge base ID: 0103

Last updated: Feb 23, 2016

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