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Possible issues if cached browser data is not cleared



After upgrading from older revision to Resource Central (RC) 3.8, you might encounter the following issues:

- Some JavaScript error messages show up:

- Some functions might not work properly:

  • When you try to move order from one resource to another (of the same location), the original order and reservation are cancelled (Cancelled Reservation and Cancelled Order emails are received) and a New Reservation email is sent from the new resource, but the order is NOT moved to the new resource.
  • Calculation for opening hours of items is incorrect.
  • After logging in RC backend, the screen keeps loading forever when you click a menu.



The cache of browser still keeps files of old Resource Central version. These files have been changed or added with new functions in Resource Central 3.8, which will not be applied if they are not loaded to the cache. Therefore, the cache needs to be cleared of the old data to load these new data.

This is a list of possible cached files:

  • /ResourceCentral/CKEditor/customFonts/fonts.css
  • /ResourceCentral/styles/jquery-ui-1.9.2.custom.css
  • /ResourceCentral/App_Themes/Blue/datepicker.css
  • /ResourceCentral/App_Themes/Blue/dhtmlxtoolbar_dhx_blue.css
  • /ResourceCentral/App_Themes/Blue/dhtmlxtree.css
  • /ResourceCentral/App_Themes/Blue/layout-default.css
  • /ResourceCentral/App_Themes/Blue/Grid.css
  • /ResourceCentral/App_Themes/Blue/Menu.css
  • /ResourceCentral/App_Themes/Blue/ui.resizable.css
  • /ResourceCentral/scripts/jquery.js
  • /ResourceCentral/scripts/jquery-ui-1.9.2.custom.min.js
  • /ResourceCentral/scripts/jquery-ex.min.js
  • /ResourceCentral/scripts/datepicker.js
  • /ResourceCentral/dhtmlxGrid/dhtmlxtoolbar.js
  • /ResourceCentral/dhtmlxTree/dhtmlxcommon.js
  • /ResourceCentral/dhtmlxTree/dhtmlxtree.js
  • /ResourceCentral/scripts/json2.js
  • /ResourceCentral/scripts/libs/angular/i18n/angular-locale_en-us.js



Important Note: To ensure smooth operation and no influence from the previous system (because of browser keeping cached data), it is recommended to clear cache after the installation of Resource Central 3.8.

Option 1: Clear cached data of the browser (Options General ⇒ Delete…):

Option 2: Clear cache by holding [Ctrl-key] and then press [F5].

The following message shows up:

Click [Retry] to finish.



Applies to: RC 3.8

Reference: TFS #40685

Knowledge base ID: 0170

Last updated: Feb 23, 2016

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