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Cancelled Reservation and Cancelled Order emails are not sent to organizer



The symptom of this issue can be seen from the following example:

  1. Book a meeting with resource1.
  2. Move order to resource2 but this reservation (for resource2) is declined by Exchange.
  3. It is expected that Cancelled Reservation and Cancelled order emails are sent to organizer but, in fact, the organizer receives none of them.


RealTime Service does not notify Resource Central when moving order to a resource is declined by Exchange. Therefore, Resource Central does not know that it was declined → Cancelled Reservation and Cancelled Order emails are not sent.


Additional information

The reasons why reservation is declined by Exchange are as follows:

  • The resource is already booked during that time.
  • The selected time is out of the available hours of the resource (set by Exchange).
  • Meeting organizer is not allowed to book the resource.
  • Duration of reservation exceeds duration limit of resource.


This has been confirmed as a defect and will be reviewed for a future release of the product.



Applies to: Resource Central 3.8

Reference: TFS #21234

Knowledge base ID: 0145

Last updated: Feb 23, 2016

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