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Some texts/characters are not supported in Resource Central


Some special texts/characters have been tested to prove that they have not been supported in Resource Central system. The list of these texts/characters is as follows:


Where does the text/character appear?

RC version

Reference in TFS

Description of the referred work item(s) in TFS

: ;

Name of Attendee

RC3.7.0010.0020; Addinv3.14.0011


1.     Place a normal or recurring order

2.     Fill valid data AND fill "~@^*+=|\{}[]:;"'<>,./? # $ % & ( ) - _" for Attendee Title and/ or Attendee Name.

3.     Send Order

4.     From Navigation Pane: Click Order Form

5.     => Shows a blank page.

Texts/characters used in HTML code or JavaScript.

Note: Dot (.), Underline (_), Hyphen (-) are supported.

Group name

RC 3.8 HF3 RC5


In the field “Items group” (Varegruppe) it gives an error, if the group name contains special characters, when you want to save.

The message says “Group name may not contain special characters”.


Resource name, location name

RC3.8 HF4


1.     VR name contains semi colon (e.g. "Res1; Res2 (VR Location Device)"

2.     In Outlook, create a reservation containing that VR and a normal resource

3.     Save and Close → In [Location] field, VR name displays incorrectly.

Dot (.)

Number field of property

RC 4.0+


1.     Create a property with number like 'External.Visitor'

2.     Insert property into the form with field type as radio buttons or lookup button.

3.     Save form → Bug: Could not save the form



These have been confirmed as defects and will be reviewed for solutions.



Reference: TFS #1837, 50585; 63525; 171462

Knowledge base ID: 0004

Last updated: Aug 02, 2018

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