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Order is missing when organizer changes date/time of the appointment in one-step ordering



The symptom of this issue can be seen from the following example:

- Organizer books an appointment from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM: 

- Click [ResourceFinder] ⇒ Select a resource ⇒ Click [Order Form] ⇒ Click [Send Order] Save & Close. Organizer is directed back to Appointment window.

- In the Appointment window, he changes Start Time to 9:00 AM

- Click [Send].

- After that, no New Order email is sent ⇒ Order is missing.



When organizer click [Send order], RC backend inserts order data to temp tables in RC database. It also creates a temp reservation in “RC_Reservations_Temp” to map order with real reservation later, the main data of temp reservation include:

- Organizer Email

- ResourceID

- StartDate

- EndDate

This information was received from RF and Outlook appointment.

When organizer clicks [Save & Close] to close RF, RC fills relative information in RF to Outlook appointment.

When organizer click [Send] to send the appointment to Exchange, RTS synchronizes reservation data to RC database and notifies “RC Sync service” about it.

RC sync service receives real reservation’s data from “Reservations” table, compares it with temp reservation in “RC_Reservations_Temp” table to determine whether the real reservation has order or not. The data to compare base on:

- Organizer Email

- ResourceID

- StartDate

- EndDate

If the data match, RC sync service will move order’s data from temp tables to real tables, remove temp data after moving successfully, send new order emails to users.

But in the case described in the above example, the StartDate and EndDate are changed, that is why the temp reservation data will not be mapped with real appointment. Because of that, RC sync service cannot determine what temp data is for the appointment, leading to temp order not being moved out of temp tables à Order is missing.

Note:  This issue is only encountered in one-step ordering.



To keep the order, organizer should not change data/time or remove resource(s) of the reservation.



Applies to: All versions of RC

Reference: TFS #13841

Knowledge base ID: 0108

Last updated: Feb 23, 2016

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