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Order form is reset if time of the appointment is changed in Outlook before sending



Look at this example to see the symptom of this issue:

- Create an appointment in Outlook calendar for 19-19.30

- Go to ResourceFinder and select 2 resources

- Open order form and click [Save and Close]

- Change time of appointment to 21-21.30

- Click [Send]

In My Meetings there are 2 lines and 2 confirmation emails are sent, saying that NO order has been made.



After clicking [Save and Close] in ResourceFinder, RC will save reservation and order data into a Temp Table. When RTS inserts a new reservation records into DB, RC will compare with the reservation information in Temp Table based on Organizer email, start time, end time, etc.

In the above example, the time of reservation is changed compared to its content in Temp Table - so RC cannot find it to create Order. It will create 2 reservations for each resource and send 2 notification emails.

It's a known issue in RC, not only for VTC and there has been no solution.



This has been considered to be improved in a future release of the product.



Applies to: All versions of RC

Reference: TFS #6347

Knowledge base ID: 0049

Last updated: Feb 23, 2016

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