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ResourceFinder inserts both Display Name and SMTP address of a resource when it reverts to Outlook



You can see the symptom of this issue by following these steps:

- Hide a resource mailbox in Exchange.

- Book an appointment in Outlook with this hidden resource. It can be seen that only SMTP address of the resource is inserted:

- Send the appointment, and the appointment is accepted by Exchange.

- In Outlook, open the appointment and it can be seen that the appointment contains SMTP address and Display Name of the resource:


Resource's email is always inserted into appointment's "To" field, then Outlook automatically changes to Display Name if the resource's email exists in the Global Address Book of Outlook.

Because the resource is hidden → the resource's email does not exist in the Global Address Book → both SMTP address and Display Name of the resource are shown in “To” field.



Applies to: All versions of RC

Reference: TFS #20456

Knowledge base ID: 0135

Last updated: Feb 23, 2016

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