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Quick Configuration Guide for Android device

How to setup and use our demo environment for a Android device

  • Ensure you have a wireless internet connection
  • Make sure that the Android device has correct time and date
  • Start the Digital Sign Service Client App
  • Touch “SETUP
  • Verify that "Server" has the following adresse:
  • Press "SAVE"
  • Screen will show the Meeting Door Sign interface, please use the interface to "book", "end" or "extend" meeting.
  • If you want to return to the "SETTING" screen tab on the upper right corner (near the logo)
  • if you want to exit the app go to "Setting" and tap on "Exit"

Qbic and Glorystar Hardware Devices

For our preferred Hardware vendor Qbic and Glorystar, please see the corresponding quick guide, in the underneath attachments section on this page.



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