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Difference between using Exchange On-Premise and Exchange Online



In MC Editor Options, if you check on “Exchange Online” option, then 2 fields “Exchange Server” and “Domain” will be blurred.

The difference for selecting “Exchange Online” option can be seen when you open a New Signature window and click User Fields: 2 properties IPPhone and PostOfficeBox are available with Exchange On-Premise, meanwhile they are not available with “Exchange Online” option.

If you already have a signature template that uses Exchange On-Premise, and you select either IPPhone or PostOfficeBox as property of that signature:

And then you change to use Exchange Online, then the template still remains the same but 2 properties IPPhone and PostOfficeBox are not available in the User Fields list anymore:

For the signature to work well after migrating to Exchange Online, you will need to remove the two properties IPPhone and PostOfficeBox from the signature template.



Applies to: MC

Reference: TFS #16020

Knowledge base ID: 0123

Last updated: Feb 24, 2016

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