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Product Roadmap for Workspace, Digital Sign Client and DS Service

Digital Sign Client and DS Service are software solutions designed for meeting room signs. With these tools, users can book meetings either through their familiar Outlook® environment or directly on touch screens located outside meeting rooms. The Digital Sign Service ensures that the information displayed on digital signage is accurate, enhancing both internal and external communication.

Workspace is a mobile app available for Android and iPhones that offers a convenient way to book Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange Server resources, such as meeting rooms and hot-desks.

The roadmap provides an overview of major features in future releases. It’s intended as long-term guidance and not as a guarantee of future releases as our development priorities change based on customer feedback. The roadmap is therefore updated on a regular basis.

Customer feedback is highly valued, and if you have any feature requests, please don't hesitate to share them with us.

Last modified on March 14, 2024

Upcoming planned features for version 4.3 hotfix 20 (Estimate release: released)

DS Service:

  • Bug fixing for missing reservations
  • Enhancements behind the scenes

Upcoming planned features for version 4.3 service release 3 (Estimated release: April 2024)

Release scope - closed

Digital Sign Client:

  • New object on Door Sign and Reservation Directory template that can be shown when no current reservation.
  • The Reservation directory will be able to show a list of reservations in more than one column.
  • It will be possible to add an alternative text for the timeslot (like 'All-day') when reservations are made as all-day events, so it will not be displayed as '00.00 to 00.00'.
  • The Reservation Kiosk will be capable of displaying both the floor plan and list view simultaneously.
  • Possibility to book meeting rooms from a Kiosk using a Floor Map (available in ver. 4.2 as Preview functionality)


  • Add Title, Phone, and Mobile phone to the Find Colleague list.
  • Better use of Floorplan caching to minimize data traffic.
  • Display a picture of the user who has the current reservation.
  • Find Colleague will also look into the attendees list of pooled resources.
  • Update user interface for resource information on the Floor map.
  • New Parameter to hide location that has no resources

DS Service:

  • Support for hybrid Exchange environment
  • First day of week will follow user settings
  • Make autosave in template editor optional.
  • Remove the possibility to make OS-independent template settings.
  • Possible to create Administrators that can only maintain part of locations
  • Enable login for On-premises users through ADFS with OAuth and OpenID.
  • Add floor plan picture and sorting option to the Reservation Report.
  • The utilization report will support pooled resources when performing utilization calculations.
  • Add filter options to list views in the backend to make it easier to filter.

Candidate features for future versions

Release scope - open

Digital Sign Client:

  • Support for displaying the company logo per reservation on the Door Sign (to show guest logos).
  • Support for CRESTRON panels door sign devices See more
  • Support for Glorystar Nebula Meeting Room Touchscreen device See more
  • Support for Qbic Luminen, door sign devices See more
  • Support for Qbic EP-0400 and EP-0700, e-paper door sign device See more


  • Search for distribution list (in find Colleague)
  • New Wizard UI for creating new reservation per Resource Type
  • Support for Virtual resources when integrated with Ressource Central

DS Service:

  • Support for Qeedji LED Light (model SBL10e) for resource availability indication.
  • New function to maintain reservations, (create, remove, change)
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