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Product Roadmap for Resource Central

Resource Central is our complete meeting room and resource booking tool for Outlook® allowing you to schedule meetings in less than 2 minutes

The roadmap provides an overview of major features in future releases. It’s intended as long-term guidance and not as a guarantee of future releases as our development priorities change based on customer feedback. The roadmap is therefore updated at a regular basis.

We value our customer wishes, if you have a request for a feature, please let us know. For a list of past releases and features, go to the product’s revision history

This page was last modified on 13. December 2022

Planned features for Resource Central 4.2 Service Release 3 (Released)

Also available now

Planned features for Resource Central 4.2 Service Release 4 (Estimated release: Q1 2023)

  • Service provider can edit name and price on ordered items
  • Notify Organizers and Service providers about larger orders
  • Managing Persons with Azure Role based Access control (Azure RBAC)
  • Orders - Special Delivery time notifications for organizers and service providers
  • Bug fixes
  • Release scope - closed

Planned features for Resource Central 4.2 Service Release 5 (Estimated release: Q2 2023)

  • Forms - Order form preview button
  • MyMeetings - filters on Resources and Locations
  • Release scope - open

Candidate features for Resource Central

  • Booking manager - improved order handling
  • Tracking of objects - Orders
  • Tracking of objects - System configuration
  • Improvement of RC Overview
  • Outlook Add-in - Virtual resources (awaiting MS API release)
  • Create reservations in Booking Manager
  • Improved handling of deleted resources
  • Dashboards on e.g. resource utilization and system performance
  • Outlook Add-in - Shared calendar compatibility
  • Ideas, features and improvements from customers and other stakeholders
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