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Documents related to Software as a Service .

  • Add-On Products subscription agreement

    The Add-On Products subscription agreement is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions governing the use of Add-On Products software and services. It covers important areas such as paym...

  • Data Transfer Agreement for Processors

    We want to make it easy for our customers to share our Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with their stakeholders, including employees, customers and potential auditors. This will support that your usage...

  • Add-On Products Disaster Recovery Plan

    For all our SaaS clients, our IT succession plan is based on the Microsoft succession plan, whose servers host all licenses and information. The Microsoft teams ensure operational continuity for the e...

  • Business Continuity Plan

    We designed our infrastructure architecture to ensure the availability, resilience, and continuity of our business at a massive scale. Our operational teams are set up to handle incidents whenever the...

  • Service Organization Controls (SOC)

    Our servers hosted at Microsoft cloud services are audited at least annually - read more here:

  • ISO/IEC 27001

    Add-On Products servers are all hosted in Microsoft Azure. All datacenters are ISO/IEC,CSA/CCM, ITAR, CJIS, HIPAA, and IRS certified. For more information please view:

  • Restricting incoming https (443) for SaaS clients

    As a part of our offering to our SaaS clients, we include specifying 3-5 IP addresses / ranges in our standard SLA. Should the need be larger, then we will also accept this, as a part of our standard ...

  • Add-On Products & Policy about SaaS

    The document outlines the security measures and features provided by Add-On Products for their Microsoft Azure-hosted servers, including physical and network security, encryption, backup and disaster ...