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Resource Central Feature Limitation: "Shared Calendar Improvements" Compatibility


The compatibility with the "Shared Calendar Improvements" feature in Microsoft 365. This article aims to provide information about the current incompatibility and its impact on Resource Central users.

Issue Description:

Resource Central, as of its current version, cannot fully support the "Shared Calendar Improvements" feature in Microsoft 365. This feature enhances shared calendars and provides additional functionality, including the automatic addition of rooms to the "To" field when booking meetings. Due to technical limitations and the specific design of Resource Central, this feature cannot be seamlessly integrated at this time.

Impact on Resource Central Users:

The inability to support the "Shared Calendar Improvements" feature in Resource Central can result in the following impacts for users:

Manual Entry of Rooms: When Resource Central users book meetings or appointments using the feature, they may need to manually add the room or location to the "To" field. This can be an inconvenience and may lead to potential errors or scheduling conflicts.

Workarounds and Future Updates:

As of now, Resource Central's development team is actively exploring ways to address this limitation and potentially provide compatibility with the "Shared Calendar Improvements" feature. A solution will come with our New Outlook Add-in that includes bookings in shared calendars, follow our roadmap for updates on the expected release.

In the meantime, Resource Central users are encouraged to reach out to their IT or support teams for guidance on how to manage bookings and ensure a smooth experience. Additionally, it's essential to monitor future updates and releases from Resource Central for any announcements regarding feature improvements.

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