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Client Apps

Client Apps currently consists of the Outlook Add-in for Resource Central

  • System requirements for Client Apps

      The following software requirements must be met to ensure the proper functioning of Client Apps.   Components Requirement Software Operating system Windows 11 Windows 10 Note: These are the supporte...

  • Revision history for Client Apps

    Lifecycle for product support Product support Lifecycle policy for Client Apps can be found here Concerning supported platforms Here at Add-On Products we value our customers and want to make sure tha...

  • Client Apps Installation Guide (New Outlook Add-in)

    Client Apps Installation Guide document revision 02 is available in pdf format below. Updated: 08.04.2024...

  • Outlook Add-In User Guide

    User Guide for New Outlook Add-in RTM document revision 01 is available in pdf format below. Updated: 08.04.2024...

  • What’s new in New Outlook Add-in RTM

    The following will provide a short introduction to some of the new functionalities in New Outlook Add-in RTM compared to the previous Outlook Add-in. More information can be found in the different use...

  • How to configure Entra ID Application for the New Outlook Add-in

    Overview This KB serves as a step-by-step instruction on how to configure New Outlook Add-in when you install Client Apps to your Resource Central server. Refer to RC Client Apps Installation Guide to...