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General Information

System Requirement, Revision history, Roadmap and more

  • System requirement for Exchange Central

      The following software requirements must be met to ensure the proper functioning of Exchange Central. Component Requirement Operation System Windows 11 Windows 10 Software Microsoft Outlook Microsof...

  • Revision history for Exchange Central

    Lifecycle for product support Product support Lifecycle policy for Exchange Central can be found here Concerning supported platforms Here at Add-On Products we value our customers and want to make sur...

  • Product Roadmap for Exchange Central

    Exchange Central is our team calendar and planning tool for Microsoft Outlook® calendars, that offers a user-friendly overview of multiple group of calendars as well as powerful scheduling, planning, ...

  • Limitations and known issues in Exchange Central

    Cannot select appointment when there are many appointments displayed in Month view This display issue occurs because of technical limitations. If the appointment cannot be displayed without using the ...