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  • Accessing and Using the Qbic Remote Configuration Center

    Introduction: The Qbic Remote Configuration Center (RCC) enables users to perform installations, upgrades, and various other configurations remotely. The RCC is available as a public web page and can ...

  • QBIC requires NTP access for accurate time display

    Summary:  QBIC devices require access to a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server to display the accurate time. This article explains how to configure NTP access for QBIC devices. Description: QBIC device...

  • What type of NFC cards are supported by TD-1050/TD-0350?

    However, based on our experience, each RFID card is different although their standards are the same especially for HID since each company wants to ensure that the security of their card.  Therefore, w...

  • Getting started guide

    Please see the attached guide on how to getting started...

  • Hardware warranty and support

    Qbic Technology is founded by an elite group of broad based industrial grade IT background engineers, specializing from Mobile PC, Server, Control to SMART systems. With such a profound team of engine...