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What's new in Resource Central 4.0 Service release 3

This version includes a lot of new functionality. The following will give a short introduction.

More detailed information can be found in the different user guides for Resource Central.


Assistant Organizer

It is now possible to book a meeting in a colleague’s or manager’s calendar, and set yourself up as ‘Assistant Organizer’. This will enable the ‘Assistant Organizer’ to receive the emails from Resource Central and to make orders on behalf of the colleague/manager.

The feature's purpose is to support the work process of roles like secretaries and personal assistants.

The email flow can be configured, so the original organizer does not receive any emails from RC. 

In this example, only the ‘Assistant Organizer’ will receive the emails from RC.

In My Meetings you can see your own meetings and the meetings where you are the ‘Assistant Organizer’.

New ‘Tasks’ standard report

There is a new standard report, listing the Tasks.

Tasks are used when the use of Shared Order Form is enabled. Typically, the Shared Order Form is used to order video conferencing.


Resource location details

You can now add extra information about the specific location of the resource. You can add an image and a text.

The feature provides information to the service provider of where to deliver the orders and if any special conditions apply to that location. 

The information is displayed when opening an order in ‘Orders’, under the new icon ‘Resource Location’:

Images in folders + bulk upload

Images can now be stored in different folders and subfolders. Images can easily be moved between folders. As another new feature, images can now be bulk uploaded.

New menu functionality in Items

With this feature it is now possible for catering providers to setup their catering items in a menu structure.

Items can be grouped into menus and presented and sold as one item. I.e. you can create a ‘Lunch menu’ that includes soft drinks, sandwiches and fruit. The menu has its own price.

Items can both be ordered as individual items and as part of a menu.

For the caterer, the order will look like this:

The menu functionality also includes an advanced feature, where the organizer can ‘build’ a menu from a row of optional items. I.e. pick 2 sandwiches out of 10 available, and have soda and fruit as well.


Nutrition information on Items

Customizable nutrition information can be added to each item. The information is searchable when making catering orders, I.e. enabling the organizer to search for items without specific allergens.

The information is also available when clicking on the icon by the item.

Images on Items

You can use the uploaded images on your items. The images will be available when ordering the items.


Order Items based on number of persons

Items can be ordered by typing in a number of persons and then select the required items using checkboxes.


Order status notifications

In order to notify Service providers of change to their orders, The Order view is now color coded depending on the status.

Orders cancelled after deadline will also be listed. In this example, the first order is cancelled after deadline:

The colors are all customizable:


Categories can be filtered using AND/OR logic in Resource Finder

Previously the category search would always use a logical ‘or’. Now you can choose between ‘and’ and ‘or’ when you search for a resource that meets your requirements.

I.e. you can search for meeting rooms that are ‘Configurable’ AND ‘Video Conference Enabled’. 

Unlimited number of categories per resource

The previous limit of applying up to 5 different categories to a resource, has been replaced by the possibility of applying an unlimited number of categories to a resource.

Display user restrictions
pop-up message + mandatory order form

This feature is configured per resource. If applied it has 2 options:

  1. Restrict booking if organizer does not click OK

      If the organizer selects this resource, he has to click OK, otherwise the resource will be de-selected.

  2. Force organizer to open order form

      If the organizer selects this resource, he has to open the order form. This will help enforce the use of the order form, when that is required.

Changes in My Meetings

If more resources are selected for the same meeting or the resources are applied with a Shared Order Form, you will see a +. This enable you to expand the booking and make changes to the orders on each resource.


Furthermore, a new toolbar in My Meeting has been added to match Resource Finder layout. Here you will also find the setting option as in the Resource Finder.

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