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Pre-Installation check lists for Resource Central 4.0 (On-Premise setup)


Service Account 

 No. Check list References
1 Create a service account (our suggestion is RCadmin) in Active Directory
  • RCadmin needs to have a mailbox
  • RCadmin is not allowed to be hidden in the Global Address List
  • Make RCadmin a member of local administrators group on the RC Web Server
  • RCadmin must be member of the group "view-only organization management" in Exchange.
2 Configure impersonation for RCadmin account  Refer to this article to know how to configure impersonation.


Resource Central (RC) 

 No. Check list References
1 Prepare server Refer to this article for more details.
2 Enable required roles and features on the new server Under Web Server
Under Management Tools:
     IIS Management Console
     IIS Management Scripts and Tools
Under Web Server
     Under Common http Features:
          Static Content

Under Web Server
     Under Application Development:
          .net Extensibility 4.5
          ASP.NET 4.5
          ISAPI Extensions
          ISAPI Filters
3 Resource and facility mailboxes All the resource and facility mailboxes should be added to a distribution list.
4 Install pre-requisite softwares Microsoft SQL Server
Information about Microsoft SQL Server is available here.
  • The SQL server should be in mixed mode (Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication).
  • SQL account must have sysadmin rights.
  • We support SQL 2014, SQL 2016 and SQL 2017.
  • SQL 2012 is in extended support.


RealTime Service (RTS) 

 No. Check list
Prepare server
Refer to this article for more details.
Install prerequisites
Refer to RTS Installation Guide for more details.
Enable firewall exceptions
Refer to this article for more details.



Applies to: RC 4.0

Reference: TFS #118244; 188840

Knowledge base ID: 0212

Last updated: Jan 29, 2019

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