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Product Roadmap for Digital Sign Service and Workspace

Digital Sign Service is software for meeting room signs. You can either book meetings in your familiar Outlook® environment or directly on the touch screens outside of meeting rooms. Digital Sign Service ensures that the meeting information on digital signage display is correct and improves internal and external communication.

The roadmap provides an overview of major features in future releases. It’s intended as long-term guidance and not as a guarantee of future releases as our development priorities change based on customer feedback. The roadmap is therefore updated at a regular basis.

We value our customer wishes, if you have a request for a feature, please let us know.

This page was last modified on December 22, 2020

Planned features for Digital Sign Service Server 4.2 (Estimated release: mid-January 2021)

  • All Reports must be able to filter on Category
  • Dashboard, Resource available now , must include a "Until" now
  • Look up account from AD when adding a new Administrator
  • Monitor if the service is not running or a door sign is offline
  • Possibility to add Categories to each resource
  • Reminder and cancelation mails, when meeting has not been confirmed.
  • Report Agenda must have an option to include the QR tag
  • Report Reservation must include "date from" and "date To" in the filter
  • Report Utilization must include new filter "Resource Type", and weekdays
  • Using Microsoft Graph Push technology from Exchange Online
  • Possibility to modify the device name (DSS client) from the server side
  • Support for Virtual Resource, two or more resources act like one. In case you have meeting rooms that can be combined using a folding wall. (will only be available for Exchange Online, Office 365)

See revision history for latest release


Planned features for Digital Sign Service Client 4.2 (Estimated release: mid-January 2021)

  • After confirm meeting has been completed then the sign must be in RED occupied mode
  • Confirm meeting from a link in the confirmation email
  • Make the Background image object in the template be able to either show a image or a video
  • Possibility to book meeting rooms from Meeting Directory screen
  • Displaying the Floormap on the Meeting Directory screen
  • Power down must depend on either power down time or last meeting end time
  • Report a problem with the resource from the Door Sign like Broken table, Light not working, Room not clean
  • Time Line View on Door Sign to easily view when room is available

See revision history for latest release


Planned features for Workspace 4.2 (Estimated release: mid-January 2021)

  • Autofit floorplan picture to fit smartphone screen
  • Better interface for letting user know they have to confirm reservations in Workspace
  • Creating/updating a meeting over mid-night
  • Empty lists must have a better interface to clearly show that the list is empty
  • Enable functionality to ADD NEW and DELETE Resource types, Add Icon for Resource types
  • Possibility to set "Show as" when creating reservation from workspace app
  • Support for creating recurring reservation in workspace app
  • Search and filter on Resource type and Categories

See revision history for latest release


Candidate features for Digital Sign Service

  • Make the backend of the system available in other languages
  • Possibility to book meeting on other dates and timeslot (not only current time)
  • Stronger integration to Resource Central.
  • Customer reports (Prepare interface for importing customer reports)
  • New function to maintain reservations, (create, remove, change)
  • Floorplan report
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