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Limitations and known issues in Resource Central version 3.8

Buffer time in Booking Manager

The Booking Manager does not show buffer time when displaying the meeting in Mini Resource Finder and the calender view.

Status: Release date: part of 4.0 SR1 in early 2017

Reference: #87073 

Customized reports

Customers with such reports can subscribe to our Custom Report Maintenance Program. A subscription guarantee that the reports by default are validated to work on newer Resource Central service releases and major upgrades.

Customers without a subscription are welcome to contact Add-On products support for further information or to order an analysis of your reports.

Outlook Warning: A program is trying to access email...

In rare cases the addin will trigger an Outlook warning when opening outlook.

Status: Release date: Solved in 3.8 Hotfix 8

Reference: #97953 

Resources without sales prices

An order with an item with zero sales price results in an error when you try to open the order in backend. The same happens if you update an item's sales price with special characters

Workaround: Set price to a low unit like 0,1

Status: The issue is corrected in Resource Central version 3.8 Hotfix 6

Reference: #87835 

The form editor not fully supported in the Chrome browser

When editing a form, it can be observed that some features are not working as expected.

Work around: The form editor is fully supported in the Internet Explorer browser

Status: Solved in Resource Central v. 4.0.

Reference: #46927 

Not able to use SSO (Single sign-on)

Using Active Directory authentication for automatic login to Resource Central backend does currently not work.

Work around: Resource Central provides its own authentication, so the user has to login to Resource Central

Status: The issue is corrected in Resource Central version 3.8 Hotfix 4

Reference: #45056

Off-line database may cause that emails are not sent from Resource Central

If the Resource Central database is taken off-line for maintenance or for other reasons, you may experience that Resource Central does not send emails after the database is brought back on-line again.

Work around: Check that the database is actually on-line. If so then restart the Resource Central Synchronization Service.

Status: The issue is corrected in Resource Central version 3.8 Hotfix 4 

Reference: #46889

ResourceFinder time bars are not working as expected

User cannot change the booking interval by adjusting the horizontal bars in ResourceFinder.

Work around: User can change the booking interval by adjusting the start and/or end time in the Date and Time selector in the ResourceFinder

Status: The issue is corrected in Resource Central version 3.8 Hotfix 3.

Reference: #48194  

Booking of Virtual Resources with Exchange delegate is not supported for multiple resources.

Having a virtual resource where one or more of the child resources have an Exchange delegate is not supported.

Status: The feature is implemented in RC3.8 SR2.

Reference: #68943.





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